Increase your energy levels

Meditation Decreases Fatigue

"This three-month prospective study evaluated the effects of the Transcendental meditation (TM) technique on stress reduction, health and employee development in two settings in the automotive industry: a large manufacturing plant of a Fortune 100 corporation, and a small distribution sales company. Employees who learned TM were compared to controls similar in worksite, job position, demographic, and pretest characteristics. Regular meditators improved significantly more than controls (with irregular meditators scoring in between) on multiple measures of stress and employee development, including: reduced physiological arousal (measured by skin conductance levels) during and outside TM practice; decreased trait anxiety, job tension, insomnia and fatigue, cigarette and hard liquor use; improved general health (and fewer health complaints); and enhanced employee effectiveness, job satisfaction, and work/personal relationships."

Charles N. Alexander, Gerald C. Swanson, Maxwell V. Rainforth, Thomas W. Carlisle, Christopher C. Todd & Robert M. Oates Jr. Anxiety, Stress & Coping: An International Journal. Volume 6, Issue 3, 1993. Taylor & Francis Online.

Meditation Boosts Mental &
Physical Energy Levels

"The beautiful thing is that it’s not just a relaxation technique, it’s mind expanding, it gives you more mental energy, more physical endurance. It gives you the wherewithal to not only compete in life’s arena, but to excel, to win."

Extract from an interview with former Beach Boys member Mike Love on The Mayo News (online) quoted in Transcendental Meditation by Jack Forem.

Forem, Jack. Transcendental Meditation. Revised Edition. London: Hay House, 2012. P 196.

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