Believe it or not,
you're one amazing individual.

Just you – on your own – have the power to change ANY aspect of your life, just by thinking about it. You know how miraculous the human brain is, because it allows you to do so many different things all at once. Like tying your shoelaces while simultaneously holding a conversation, but thinking in the very same instance about what you need to pick up at the grocery store on your way home from work.

And yet, as powerful as those little gray cells are, it’s been shown that we use only a small percentage of their potential. If your brain was the Starship Enterprise, it would be coasting through space on impulse power. It’s probably crying out for you to do something with it, to set it free, to fill it with more energy and force so that it can help make your life more rewarding and fulfilling. To continue the analogy, you need to stop drifting along and engage the warp drive engines.

But let’s be realistic. Knowing that our brains are capable of so much more is one thing: but finding the time to do something about it is another. We’re busy people with jobs to get to, work to perform, money to make and people to look after. We can’t sit around all day dreaming about expanding the latent potential of our minds – we just haven’t got that kind of time.

That’s exactly why the HeadLeap program was developed. It’s an accelerated meditation program unlike any other, combining scientifically proven techniques that help you switch off the outside world and get back your focus. The program makes use of powerful brainwave entrainment techniques including:

These techniques allow you to "entrain" your brain, giving you the ability to literally rewire the way you think, helping you focus on all kinds of benefits in the shortest amount of time possible. You’ll find information about all of these benefits and the scientific proof behind them throughout the site, but here’s a taste of what you might achieve using this high-tech, highly focused style of meditation:

I want you to know from the outset that this is not new-age hype or self-dev mumbo jumbo. The topic of meditation and its benefits has been researched over and over again in scientific study after scientific study, and the results are nothing short of astounding. Before we look at some of their findings, though, let’s talk a little bit about the technologies used in the HeadLeap program itself.

Rewiring The Mind
With Brainwave Entrainment

Whatever you’re doing and whenever you’re doing it, your brain is busy. This busy behavior can be seen on printouts from ECG machines and in MRI scans in the form of brainwave activity. Over the years this brainwave activity has been classified in a number of ranges that correspond to particular states of awareness. The four ranges and their associated states are as follows:

Beta 15–30 Hz
When you’re wide awake your brainwaves are in the beta range, which lies somewhere between 13 and 40 Hz. This is the state where you experience anxiety, disease, feelings of separation, fight or flight.
Alpha 9–14 Hz
Below that lies the alpha range, which lies between 7 and 13 Hz. This is often referred to as a state of light meditation or daydreaming, a light trance of relaxed focus, capable of influencing positive thinking and accelerated learning.
Theta 4–8 Hz
Next is the theta range, from about 4 to 7 Hz, a state of relaxation that allows for the possibility of super creativity, dreams, deep meditation, increased memory function, sharpened focus, heightened awareness and advanced learning. In the theta state it’s easier to access the unconscious mind, change behaviors and retain learned materials.
Delta 1–3 Hz
Beyond that is the delta range which occurs at around 1.5 to 4 Hz. This is the frequency our brains operate at during dreamless sleep, a deep trance during which human growth hormone is released andyou experience a loss of body awareness.

As you might expect with something as powerful as the human brain, there’s a lot of overlap between these stages. Studies show that a 20-minute session at 5 Hz can replace 1 to 2 hours worth of sleep, while accelerated learning can take place at between 7 Hz and 9 Hz. So by fine-tuning the technology it becomes possible to target particular areas more precisely than ever, areas such as motivation, confidence, stress reduction and productivity.

The Beauty
Of Binaural Beats

Binaural means two (bi) sounds (aural), and that’s exactly what binaural beats are. They were discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove as far back as 1839, who noticed that when two different frequencies are presented to the ears, the brain tunes into the difference between them. So, for example, if a tone of 300 Hz was played in one ear and 310 Hz in the other, the “binaural beat” would have a frequency of 10 Hz.

This beat isn’t so much heard as it is perceived by the brain. Since Dove’s discovery binaural beats have been credited with helping induce relaxation, meditation, creativity and other desirable mental states, making them a perfect addition to the HeadLeap stable of technologies.

The Beauty
Of Monaural Beats

Monaural beats occur when two frequencies converge within a single speaker to create a perceivable pulse or beat. While the difference between binaural beats is perceived by the brain, monaural beats are presented in such a way as to actively stimulate the basilar membrane (the membrane that separates two liquid-filled tubes running along the coil of the cochlea in the inner ear). So they are, in fact, a more direct way to influence and stimulate brainwaves.

The combination of monaural and binaural beats adds power and versatility to the recordings, making them easier to listen to and providing the listener with a more well-rounded audio experience.

The Beauty
Of Isochronic Tones

Isochronic tones are regular beats of a single tone, often presented as white noise. The tones are buried deep within the recordings where they occur at regular intervals.

While it’s unlikely that listeners will tune into these tones specifically, or even notice them, they nevertheless have proven to add strength and dimension to the brainwave entrainment process. Their on-off effect stimulates the thalamus, causing the brain to sync up to the frequency and thereby changing its thought patterns.

That gives you a basic idea of the technology involved in the HeadLeap program. In addition to all of this, the tracks contain nature sounds and background music which add depth and variety to the overall listening experience. The tracks also include an “om” chant, so you don’t even have to worry about that. It’s all done for you.

The nature of the recordings makes it essential that you listen to them with stereo headphones, as this is the perfect way to exploit the technology to the full. Wearing headphones also helps to shut out any extraneous noise or distractions, making the experience that much more enjoyable.

And now it’s time to take a look at some of the benefits the technology might bring your way. Below you’ll find a selection of possibilities in bullet form. Click on the links contained within each point to read about the scientific proof that backs up the claims they make.

The Benefits
Of Binaural Beats